Studio Visit: Elizabeth Suzann


A few weeks ago I hopped on a plane to Nashville to see our knits collaboration come to life at the ES photoshoot! I left Tenessee wondering why I live in NYC, craving tacos (which to be honest I'm always craving tacos, so not a huge change there), and wishing I could pull off saying y'all.

I arrived at the studio at 9am and was greeted by the sweetest crew! Right away Liz was taking me on an tour of the office, which is impressive to say the least! Maybe I've lived in NY for too long but I just couldn't get over the amount of s p a c e. There was such a light and positive energy to the studio. While I was walking around the beautiful artist Emily Leonard was finishing up her gorgeous mural, the team was prepping for their sample sale (which ended up raising over 70k for the American Refugee Committee!! SO amazing!), and of course Harry Potter kept a watchful eye from his post above the cutting table. ;)

After the tour and photoshoot we ate some lunch, talked about eclipse totality and I set up for a little Q&A. The ES staff came over to chat with me about our knitwear making process, how we develop a pattern for the knitting machines, what does marled yarns mean, among other things! Everyone was invited to try on the samples and give feedback.

I can't express how wonderful it is to partner with such an incredible company, so aligned with our core values, and thoughtful on every level.

Be sure to check out all the styles here and another behind the scenes post on the ES site from our previous collab here

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