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In early October my fiancé was hired on to be the lead editor for a documentary that follows the music career of Connie Converse. Ahead of her time, she was a folk singer song writer in the 1950's, living in the west village before the likes of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. She unfortunately was not discovered in her lifetime and there are very few recordings of her hauntingly beautiful music, and even more mysterious, in 1971 she left a farewell letter and was never seen again. She is still missing to this day. A compilation of her songs recorded by Gene Deitch in the 1950's is now available on Spotify. I can't express how uniquely beautiful her music is, so I encourage you to take a listen and discover this incredible artist yourself.


The director of this film is based in Paris, which meant that the entire team would be there working for the next two months. I promptly decided it was too long to be away from my guy, plus it's freaking Paris! So we made arrangements for me to work remotely for the last two weeks of November and December in Paris. Luckily I have the most incredible team to hold down the fort while I'm working abroad, so everyone can receive online orders promptly and we can still participate in holiday trunk shows. Thank you Erika and Jia Yee!

In the process of prepping for this trip I started to gather and pack the things that I would need for a 2 1/2 weeks. In the process of packing I realized that almost every pair of shoes or piece of clothing was from a designer that I know and love that are good for the planet and the soul!  SO I decided to share the items I brought with me, and why they deserve to be on the short list! 

1. Away Suitcase: Okay I swear this isn't an advertisement. I was in need of a larger suitcase that could work for both trunk shows and travel. I am a sucker for good color options and had heard great things about the quality of Away suitcases. I purchased this one right before the trip and can't say enough! The wheels are so smooth, the ability to lock your suit case is great, also the dirty clothes bag is a super nice touch. Now I'm super excited to get the smaller carry, it includes a built in cell phone charger! 


3. Muji Reused Yarn Socks: I LOVE these socks. Super soft and made from recycled yarn!

4. My sweater/book/shoe shelf :)


2. Kordal Sweaters: So, I have quite a sweater collection at this point, and naturally my own sweaters tend to be my favorites. :) For this trip I brought 4 of my favorites. The Cable Knit Fringe Sweater from this season (my version is in a light grey as it was our first prototype sample, I didn't want to pull from our online stock so I took the sample for myself). Our light weight cable knit sweater in chestnut from last fall season, it's so so soft and light, perfect for the 40's - 50's temperatures here. A striped cotton sweater from a few spring seasons ago, another great light weight piece for layering/lounging. And lastly the cross over turtle neck sweater from Fall 2014. This sweater is so super warm and perfect for really chilly days. 


6. Winter Accessories: Again, I have a lot of Kordal knit accessories! You'll recognize the Seed Stitch Hat, our best seller and one of my favorite hats. I've also brought our new Textured Wool Hat which has become a new fave, and another super warm beanie of ours from last season. Also included are Muji touch screen gloves, a beret of course :), and the most treasured item I'll ever own, a hand knit angora shawl by my great grandmother. It's truly the most beautiful item in my closet.


8. Tops: Although I'm mostly wearing sweaters during this trip, I did bring a few favorite tee's and button ups. Clockwise:

Muji Striped Tee / A striped tee felt necessary for Paris, also I'm a sucker for anything from Muji.  Suzann Rae Blouse / I'm in love with this top for it's simplicity, shape, and I love the clear buttons. An easy well designed button up. Kordal Cropped Tee / A silk knit cropped tee from last spring, this has been one of my favorite pieces! I have so many high-waisted trousers and this tee hits at just the right spot. Vintage Crochet Top from SuiteV/ My good friend owns a salon in my neighborhood with a little vintage store inside, I found this gem there a few weeks ago, I love the open button closure and crochet knit. Great for a night out. 





5. Shoes!: Shoes are a serious weakness for me, I love them. But I'm super picky because as I'm walking all the time and it's so hard to find shoes that are both comfortable and also well designed. Plus I love having a bit of a heel as I'm 5'2.

Clockwise: Redwing Boots/ I'm obsessed with these boots, they are so comfortable, have a couple inches for height and are super durable and great in the rain. They carried me throughout the day at the Women's March and are my go to boot for all of winter. About Arianne/ Just purchased these boots, they are so beautiful and great for a more put together look. Made in Spain and comfortable for shorter distances. Zou Xou/ I'm basically their fan girl, I have 3 pairs of Zou Xou shoes, they are so beautiful and most of all SO comfortable! Good for days when I want to look nice and not wear a heel. Nikes/ Sometimes a girl just needs a pair of sneakers. I'm hoping they inspire me to for a run along the Seine, but in reality I'll probably be walking around eating baquettes and chocolate. ;)


7. Pants!: From left to right. Kamm Pants/ These I had to save up for over time, but they are still one of my favorite investment pieces. Jesse Kamm is such an inspiration for me. I love how she balances her work with life, and carves out a few months a year to spend time with her family surfing at the beach. These pants have such a nice weight to them and they seriously hold in everything and make your bum look great! Vintage Denim/ from Front General Store, I LOVE this vintage store and wear these jeans all the time. Ajaie Alaie Trousers / LOVE these! So soft in linen and the light blue is really beautiful color to mix in a heavy black/camel wardrobe. Elizabeth Suzann Cecilia Pant / Great pair of fitted black trousers, sort of like a legging but more substantial and special. I channel Aubrey Hepurn in Funny face when I wear these! :) Imogen & Willie/ My go to skinny jeans, super high-waisted and slightly cropped. 


Couldn't leave without bringing the Wild Unknown Tarot set, I received my personal deck from my close friend at my bachelorette party this past fall. I've always been interested in tarot and have found myself so drawn to it since receiving my own set. I like how it pushes you to approach problems or challenges from other angles. 

The Artists Way I'm hoping this trip away from all of the usual new york distractions will allow some time to pursue this book and open up some new creativity. I also packed The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, excited for some quiet time to ready.

Last but not least! The VereVerto Hip Pack. This thing has SAVED my shoulders! I love walking around bag free! It's so light and easy, seriously the BEST travel accessory!!

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