Etvernal Bouquet

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Much like the food and fashion industries - florals have been quietly rife with environmental and social injustices that are so pervasive that it feels foolish to try to do anything but business as usual.

It is with that in mind that we founded our floral studio, ETVERNAL with the mission to provoke cultural shifts and encourage environmental stewardship through the theater of plants and flowers - and it is our greatest pleasure to join the Kordal community and bring our love of nature to their shop.

Together we'll mark the seasons and celebrate local bounties - often from some of our favorite small-scale growers in the tri-state area - and with spring just around the corner, come to see narcissus, ranunculus, magnolia, hellebores, and more gorgeous (and often fragrant) blooms - with more beauty to come as the seasons wear on...

We so look forward to sharing our love of florals with you!
Founder, Genevieve Rainsberger

Bouquets available for pickup at the Kordal Studio & Shop every Saturday from 10am - 3pm.