VOTE! Face Masks for Good


An update to our Face Masks for Good project! We've embroidered a small quantity of our reusable Face Masks with the most important message, VOTE!

Embroidered by our founder's mama Dorene Kordal and her pal Suzy in Blue and White! All the proceeds will be donated to / Plan Your Vote! We encourage everyone to please vote this election (and every election!) it's our right and our responsibility! 



  • ONE embroidered face mask

  • Material composition: 100% natural cotton

  • Made in Guatemala from upcycled textiles

  • 3-ply fabric layers

  • Adjustable straps over the head

  • Reusable

  • Machine washable

  • Synthetics-free & elastic-free

  • Closed-loop design

  • Compostable