Lived in Series ~ Alexandra Elle

Lived in Series ~ Alexandra Elle

May 12, 2019

Our Lived In Series was created to capture our clothing on a series of women, all pursuing their own creative paths, to see how they live in Kordal. So many women in our lives inspire us with their drive, their talent, and their genuine sense of self. These are the women we design for. They remind us of why we want to design clothing in the first place: to create pieces that encourage comfort, ease, and the unique and honest beauty in each and every one of us.

We were first introduced to Alexandra Elle back in January when she released her book "Today I Affirm - A Journal that Nurtures Self-Care."  We were so honored and thrilled to see her wearing head to toe Kordal at her latest book signing and love that she is creating an outlet for others to to find support, comfort and strength through writing. A true beauty inside and out.

In her journal "Today I Affirm" Alex's opening note reads "Affirmations create space for us to relax, reflect, reset, and rearrange our personal narratives. When we slow down and settle into ourselves, positive self-affirmations can help build a home within by laying the foundation of self-awareness, introspection, and understanding."

For this month's Lived in Series we asked Alex to share some advice on integrating self care, writing, and reflection into a daily practice. We're so thrilled this interview lines up with Mother's Day as Alex is pregnant with her third child and beautifully shares her thoughts on motherhood, partnership, and how to style clothing for maternity and beyond! :)

(Photos by Erika Layne @erikalaynephoto ~ Alex wearing Eva Cardigan)

alexelle cardigan

What has motherhood taught you about your self, your body, and your mind that you didn't know before?

Motherhood has taught me how to be free in my unfolding, how to honor and hold space for gratitude in my body, and has encouraged me to be a student each new day that I’m blessed with.

When did you start writing? Was there a particular moment, author, person or experience that influenced you?

I started writing in my pre-teen years, it was my outlet. At that point in my life, no one influenced me. Writing allowed me to be myself and use my voice in ways that were healthy and helpful to my overall growth.

What role has writing played in your journey through motherhood?

Writing in motherhood has helped me remember the moments that are fleeting. It’s served as comfort when I feel that time is moving too fast.


todayiaffirm quote


In addition to being a writer, you've also created the hey, girl. podcast, can you tell us how this came together and what was one of the more surprising or unexpected conversations you've had on the podcast?

My podcast came to be on accident two years ago. Since then, it’s grown into a community of sisterhood through storytelling. What started as me reading an essay, morphed into a show that intentionally makes space for community. I haven’t had any shocking conversations, they all blow me away in their own unique ways.

What has unexpectedly been most challenging about motherhood/pregnancy? What has unexpectedly been least challenging about motherhood/pregnancy?

The most challenging, not having enough time in the day (or so it seems). The least challenging, watching and learning from my kids.


cute cardi


I imagine all parents experience stressful and exhausting moments, do you recommend any daily practices, self-care, or writing exercises that have been helpful for you during those times?

Creating an accessible self-care ritual has been essential. Whether I journal when the baby is down for a nap, or take a long shower when my husband comes home and takes over with the kids, I try my best to set aside 10 minutes just for me.


How do you balance motherhood and career? How do they blend together and inform each other?

I make time for work and I make time for my family, individually. Each day looks different since I am a self-employed person. I am learning how to harmonize my life in ways that honor career and mothering. Some days that feels more accessible than others. The two blend together and inform each other in ever-changing ways. It’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing because both are essential to how I move through the world.



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