Lived In Series ~ Hannah Buck + Charlotte Farrell

Lived In Series ~ Hannah Buck + Charlotte Farrell

July 21, 2018

Our Lived In Series was created to capture our clothing on a series of women, all pursuing their own creative paths, to see how they live in Kordal. So many women in our lives inspire us with their drive, their talent, and their genuine sense of self. These are the women we design for. They remind us of why we want to design clothing in the first place: to create pieces that encourage comfort, ease, and the unique and honest beauty in each and every one of us.

This week's Lived in Series is especially close to my heart as we're featuring two very dear friends, Hannah Buck and Charlotte Farrell. Both originally from Australia they have chosen Fort Greene, Brooklyn as their home, alongside two very special cats Nagy and Ryoko. Their relationship began as Charlotte says "with a mutual awe for each other's creativity, and an affinity for cats." I'm so grateful to have these two in our lives, constantly loving and supporting not just one another's creative endeavors, but also their friends and community. 

Charlotte is the General Manager at the Center for Performance Research, an incredible organization whose mission is to support the development of new works in contemporary dance, performance and related forms, and to promote awareness of and appreciation for contemporary performing arts. 

Hannah is a New York-based editor with a background in visual arts. Hannah's artistic sensibility informs her approach to editing film. Since moving to New York in 2011 Hannah has edited several award winning films, with a focus on artful non-fiction cinema. 

We took some time to catch up with this creative power couple alongside our sweet photographer Chloe Horseman. We were excited to see how they styled Kordal pieces into their existing wardrobe and their thoughts on the power of clothing. Check out the photos from our visit and our Q&A below!

 Photography by Chloe Horseman


Both of you are originally from Australia but have lived in New York for a quite a while now, how has working and living in NYC influenced your style? How would you describe each other's personal style?

Charlotte: Surprisingly, New York has actually made my style more practical than when I lived in Montreal or Sydney. I used to wear a lot more Victorian and vintage-style dresses. I still do, but now I'm more likely to don a pair of trousers and a blouse, but still with a Victorian edge. I would describe Hannah's style as Japanese-inspired minimal rock'n'roll.

Hannah: I definitely identify with the cooler seasons, so NY has allowed me to get down with that look more. Fall and winter is when I'm most in touch with my style I think. My summer looks can be a bit awkward. I would describe Charlotte’s style as period piece, elegant with a don’t-fuck-with-me flip side.


hannah charlotte

Hannah, you recently worked on the documentary The Proposal, can you tell us a little bit about the project and what it was like editing this film?

The Proposal was such a gift to edit. Barragán's architecture is exquisite and in this case stunningly brought to life by the lens of Jarred Alterman. But the best part about this project was working with director and artist Jill Magid. Her conceptual artwork is astonishing, audacious and imbues a romance and poetry that informed the filmmaking. I love the artwork that is at the heart of this film. Jill and I had a very close collaborative process. I look forward to working with her again.


Charlotte, you know more about theater and literature than anyone I know! Can you share with us some of the plays, playwrights or books that have had a profound impact on you?

What a compliment! I love a good Greek tragedy in the hands of a radical contemporary director. I am fascinated by the timelessness of ancient stories, and the ways they continue to be relevant today. Hannah and I share a love of Samuel Beckett's plays: there's something so powerful in their existential, poetic explorations of the human condition. I love reading, so literature has a profound impact upon me a lot of the time. More recently, I devoured Jesymn Ward's Salvage the Bones and Sing, Unburied, Sing.


charlotte kitty

How do you mix Kordal pieces into your existing wardrobe? Do you have an favorite Kordal piece?

Hannah: My favorite Kordal piece is my white woolen knitted sweater, coupled with jeans and my Feit boots. I lived in that knit last winter. I love the weight and fit of this sweater, it just falls really loosely off the shoulders. I’m constantly getting compliments on it.  

Charlotte: I'm a real texture person, and I love the way all Kordal pieces feel on my skin. Kordal's knitted summer tops go so well with my high waisted jeans, trousers and skirts. I can't go past a good onesie, though: Kordal seems to have mastered the art of the onesie for every season.


hannah kitty

What are your thoughts on the power of clothing? Do you have moments where the perfect outfit boosts your confidence or provides some kind of transformation?

Hannah: Definitely. That feeling when you introduce a new element to you repertoire is such a good feeling. I love the way different clothes can make me feel. I get to perform different parts of my personality with each choice of outfit.

Charlotte: I think clothing has extraordinary transformative potential. Texture and color can significantly alter the mood of an environment. I like to curate moods for my day.




You two are one of the sweetest couples I've been lucky enough to know, can you tell us a little bit about how you met? Any advice on how to maintain such a positive and loving relationship?

Charlotte: We met in Sydney but got together when Hannah was living in New York and I was based in Montreal. Our relationship is held together by a mutual awe for each other's creativity, and an affinity for cats.


What are your thoughts on love/sexuality and on Pride Month, which was this past June?

Everyone should have the right to love and/or have (consensual) sex with whoever they want. Pride is a great way to celebrate this fundamental right, while recognizing that many parts of the world - including the US - continue to be bigoted towards LBGTQI+ people.


couchhangs love


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