Kordal Studio x The Wythe Hotel Pop Up

Kordal Studio x The Wythe Hotel Pop Up

August 28, 2018

On the Fringe:
A gathering of creatives exploring unconventional pathways on the fringe of the fashion industry. By fusing traditional craftsmanship and circular design systems they strive to foster a deeper connection to the natural world.

We are so thrilled to announce this collaboration with the Wythe Hotel as it's provided us a physical space to manifest the things we find the most important. Bringing together our community, teaching one another new skills, and fostering creative conversation.

Kordal Studio / Ajaie Alaie / Ambika Boutique / Até / The Dogwood Dyer / Gamma Folk / Good Candle / Karen Tinney / Kiboro / Mixed Color 

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Friday, August 31st

7:00pm  9:00pm
At The Wythe Hotel (Lobby Store)

Join us for a kick off event to celebrate the opening of our month long pop up with the Wythe Hotel! Be the first to check out the shop with a complimentary glass of bubbly in hand. Meet the participating designers and learn more about our upcoming workshops and programming.



Sunday, September 9th
3:00pm – 5:00pm / $60 
At The Wythe Hotel (Lobby Store)

Join Christi Johnson of Mixed Color to embrace your creativity while learning new ways to enhance fibers with embroidered artwork!
Participants will cover the basic stitches, tips on choosing colors, developing designs for embroidery, using negative space, transfer techniques, and everything you need to get started. Each participant will receive a copy Christi's new 44 page book, “Illuminated Stitches” to work from during the class, and take home to explore further.



Saturday, September 15th

10:30am – 12:00pm 
At The Wythe Hotel (Lobby Store)
$120 per person (includes Kimono and supplies)

Join Marcia and Kalani of Kiboro for a family workshop of 6 individuals (plus children) who will have the opportunity to create personalized baby kimonos for their little ones. They will utilize their quilted onesie Kimonos as the base and have a hands-on working session to add patchwork, creating unique Boro Kimonos. They will supply inspiration, basic tutorials, needles, threads, supplies and scrap fabrics. For the kids, they will create illustrated paper Kimono templates for them to draw or collage a design onto a mini paper Kiboro of their own.

Sign up HERE.



Friday, September 21st
– 8:30pm
At The Wythe Hotel (Lobby Store)

Join Liz Spencer of Dogwood dyer for a fun and beautiful workshop that will introduce participants to the colorful world of natural dye plants, many of which are dual purpose edibles and have herbal/medicinal properties. Focusing on the water-wise, mess-free technique of bundle dyeing- using organically grown dyestuffs cultivated by the Dogwood Dyer as well as responsibly sourced exotic dyestuffs. Participants will also be making use of left over floral arrangements from the Wythe Hotel at the workshop venue.



Friday, September 28th
5:00pm  7:30pm
At The Wythe Hotel (Lobby Store)

Come spend an evening with Ambika Conroy and meet her Angora Bunnies! A designer and farmer in upstate New York, Ambika works with local fiber growers, solar and wind powered mini-mills and artisans to create sustainable consciously designed garments.



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