OUR MISSION at Kordal Studio is to create garments in an ethical manner by paying our workers a fair wage, designing garments that are not trend focused, and using natural and organic textiles whenever possible. Our knitwear is made by experienced knitters based in Lima Peru & NYC. They create our garments using both handloom and Shima Seiki whole garment knitting machines. Both processes create a fully fashioned product, meaning each piece is knit to the exact shape so there is no left over material waste. Our cut & sew wovens are produced in partnership with factories in NYC and with artisans abroad.

To learn more about our design process and journey we encourage you to take a look at our Textiles, Quality & Care, Our Manufacturers, and Community pages. We are excited to share more about our commitment to being socially responsible and welcome any questions or comments you may have.


Mandy Kordal has been working and living in Brooklyn since her graduation from the University of Cincinnati DAAP in 2009. She has worked for ready to wear designers such as Trovata, JCrew, and Doori. After learning the ropes and discovering her passion for knitwear, she decided to buy her first knitting machine and create her own collection entitled Kordal, where quality and ethical manufacturing are an integral part of the brand.