11.11 Kitchen Gloves Indigo Patchwork (Set of 2)

Kitchen gloves/oven mitten to protect your hands from high heat, made out of the Indigo reclaimed fabric that has been quilted together with kantha embroidery.

- Natural indigo is dyed in 100% fructose based fermentation.
- Kantha is a traditional craft of running stitches used for quilting.
- Reclaimed, after the garment is cut and stitched we use all the leftover scrap and make reclaimed patchwork covers.

It is advisable to wash this garment separately and do not expose it to direct sunlight as it could lead to variation in colour.

- Do not bleach
- Do not iron
- Dry flat
- Handwash in mesh bag
- Gentle agitation machine wash in mesh bag. Wash in cold water in a slow cycle, not more than 25 min with mild detergent or less quantity of normal detergent.

Indigo bleeding is normal in naturally dyed garments in the initial washes after which the colours stabilise. The fading and bleeding of the natural dyes result in graceful fades with the passage of time.