Community Face Masks


In an effort to do some good, we are now offering reusable Face Mask Sets for personal use in order to help ensure that the highest grade medical masks are reserved for those on the front lines – the doctors, nurses, and medical aids risking their own safety for the safety of others. These masks are made from 100% cotton with our dear friends and longtime partners at The New Denim Project. Their facility in Guatemala allows them to make larger quantities, which means that we'll be able to offer over 3,000 masks! Our initial goal with this project was to provide the public with resources to protect ourselves, but because there are so many communities who are struggling we wanted to take it a step further.

We will be selling masks (sets of 3) for $20 each. We will then use the funds to first pay for manufacturing, packaging and shipping costs, and once that is covered (we'll need approximately 345 sales) we will take the remaining profits and donate them to the Citymeals on Wheels organization. A designated emergency responder for New York City's seniors, Citymeals is delivering 450,000 meals in response to the Coronvirus outbreak.

If we sell through all 1,000 sets of masks at our minimum of $20 each, we'll be able to make a donation of $12,000 dollars to Meals on Wheels!! And thanks to FJC - A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds, every gift will be matched dollar for dollar meaning that we could help them raise up to $24,000! That is a real big number that could do an immense amount of good!

And because there is so much potential for good, we're offering a sliding "pay-as-you-wish" scale if you are able to donate more ❤️ Purchase a set of 3 masks for you or your loved ones from your choice of $20, $40, or $60.


  • Material composition: 100% natural cotton

  • Made in Guatemala from upcycled textiles

  • 3-ply fabric layers

  • Adjustable straps over the head

  • Reusable

  • Machine washable

  • Synthetics-free & elastic-free

  • Closed-loop design

  • Compostable