On The Fringe Panel Discussion

On The Fringe Panel Discussion

November 07, 2018

Critical Insights into New Fashion Systems

Photography by Corey Jermaine 

kordal on the fringe panel

This past September we hosted a panel discussion titled "On the Fringe" at the Wythe Hotel Screening Room. It was the final event after a month long pop-up at the Wythe Hotel Shop. There we gathered designers and artists exploring unconventional pathways on the fringes of the fashion industry to exhibit their work alongside our new fall collection. By fusing traditional craftsmanship and circular design systems each of them strives to foster a deeper connection to the natural world.  Hosting a panel event highlighting this concept felt like a natural progression for us, and was the perfect event to host during fashion and textile month. After many months of research with our good friend and moderator of the event, Brittany Dickinson, we confirmed our final panelists and had a clear concept for the panel discussion. We hope this was the first of many more events, so please stay tuned for future panel events and discussions!
Check out our post below for a recap of this incredible event!

In fashion, and in society today, there are rarely prescribed linear pathways with clear end goals but rather an ever-shifting series of unexpected events which must be navigated in creative ways. In this spirit, we brought together a panel of four inspiring women who are each crafting innovative pathways at the fringes of the fashion industry. Our hope was that this discussion would inspire both young creatives and industry professionals to challenge the status quo and reimagine their participation in the fashion system.

Our Moderator


Brittany Dickinson

Brittany is an educator, designer, and systems thinking enthusiast whose work centers on fashion design strategies for sustainability and social impact. Brittany teaches at Parsons in the School of Fashion and the School of Art and Design History and Theory. She recently served as facilitator for UNLEASH Innovation Lab and an international expert at the Youth Fashion Summit, two organizations that focus on creating solutions for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our Panelists

Carmen Gama                                                      Khira Goins-Paxton


Carmen Gama - Renew Designer At Eileen Fisher

Carmen is a New York-based designer born and raised in Mexico. She attended Parsons The New School for Design in New York and graduated as a finalist for the “Designer of the Year” Award, Class of 2015. Upon graduation, Gama’s ‘Sustainable Urban Outerwear’ thesis earned her the inaugural EILEEN FISHER x CFDA Social Innovator fellowship. During her fellowship, Gama worked collaboratively to design a scalable and profitable manufacturing system for recycled EILEEN FISHER garments, which concluded with a “Remade in The USA” capsule collection that debuted in July 2016. Today, EILEEN FISHER Renew has taken back over a million garments and done over 10 million dollars in sales.

Gama has a true passion for solution-based design and technological innovation. Through this framework she is constantly challenging her design values by striving to design clothes with the potential to last a lifetime and utilizing processes that make the most of old garments to create new designs. Gama has been featured in numerous publications including Women’s Wear Daily, The Wall Street Journal, and Harper’s Bazaar.



Khira Goins-Paxton - Founder of Portion Magazine

Khira is a Brooklyn based editor and fashion producer. She grew up in a small town in Tennessee, graduated Cum Laude from Middle Tennessee University with a Bachelor of Science, and began her fashion career in garment production. After coming to terms with the more unethical aspects of the industry, she began researching, interviewing, and collaborating with individuals to discover the bounds of sustainable fashion and the growth needed therein. She is the founder of PORTION (previously AWEAR!) magazine, an annual print platform seeking to cast light on circular fashion and other aspects of the industry needing change. PORTION publishes research, interviews and editorials that focus exclusively on slow, ethical, or circular fashion brands and individuals.

Khira seeks to grow PORTION into a platform where readers can see current changes within the industry and reflect on their own personal choices. In her free time she enjoys environmental, social and fashion industry related research, as well as freelance fashion production.


Arianne Engelberg                                                         Jaadi Fonseca


Arianne Engelberg - Creative Director of The New Denim Project

Arianne is Creative Director and co-founder of The New Denim Project, the newest venture within Iris Textiles, an industrial textile group and family business operating in Guatemala since 1956. The project’s fundamental intent is to recreate textile manufacturing, and re-design industrial processes under a closed-loop system.

Our main approach to textile innovation in production is through the concept and design principle of upcycling. Collecting post industrial textile excess from denim factories as our main raw material - and grounding these scraps from cutting tables back into fiber, to spin again and create premium quality yarns and woven fabrics.

Our manufacturing process is chemical-free, dye-free and uses minimal water and energy. During our operation, we do not utilize any synthetic fibers, therefore our yarns and fabrics all remain 100% natural. Turning this excess waste into upcycled natural fiber textiles created within a circular economy, like the earth itself. 



Jaadi Fonseca - BFA Fashion Design Student at Parsons School of Design

As a multidisciplinary student in fashion design and psychology at The New School, Jaadi believes that holistic approaches are most needed when it comes to finding the connection with the environment we inhabit. Her goal is to find creative, sustainable, and human-centered solutions for production and consumption systems.

In the past year, Jaadi's research has been in the intersection of design, psychology, and science. Even without much technical background, she was awarded a grant to visit Aalto University and the Ioncell project awarded by the H&M Global awards. She also participated in the latest UNLEASH Innovation Lab that gathers one thousand talents to find solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals where her team won Gold on the Sustainable Consumption and Production track.

As a multicultural and interdisciplinary student, Jaadi deeply believes that the outstanding potential of crossing various cultures, competences, and ways of thinking, is the best way to solve problems.


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