The Joanna Jumpsuit ~ A Lesson in Shrinkage

The Joanna Jumpsuit ~ A Lesson in Shrinkage

October 23, 2019 1 Comment

The Joanna Jumpsuit, named after one of our good friends at The New Denim Project, is an update to our favorite Utility Jumpsuit from Fall 2018. Created in a new fabrication from recycled cotton at The New Denim Project, it has a softer hand feel and looser weave giving the jumpsuit a bit more drape. 

This season we followed the same tried and true fit for maximum versatility and comfort, updating a few design details like the adjustable button closure at the waist for size customization! As an ever growing and learning brand (and as with many things in life), there were a couple of lessons learned along the way. We'd like to share a few of those insights with you here. Read below for our thoughts on fit, fabric shrinkage and wash & care instructions!



As we develop new styles it's so important for us to make sure we're highlighting all the gorgeous body types in this world. When considering the length and rise of our jumpsuits we strive to provide the best fit for the shorties and the long legged gals. We've begun to opt for longer silhouettes as it's always an option to have your clothes hemmed at a local tailor for the perfect fit, but even with a sewing machine at my disposal I'll admit there is a stack of clothing in the "to be hemmed" pile.

So when our production arrived from La Workshop I immediately tried on my new Joanna Jumpsuit to check out the fit. To be honest, it did not fit as expected -- overall, it felt one size too big! The waist seam and rise were lower than we designed, and it looked longer than the sample we had pre-approved. So after wearing it a few times, I decided to take my jumpsuit home and test out how it looked after washing and drying. I washed it in cold water for 30 minutes and dried using a low spin speed and medium heat.

LEFT, before: Original Small jumpsuit fresh out of packaging  //  RIGHT, after: Laundered Small jumpsuit

To my surprise, the jumpsuit that was a bit too long on me pre-wash now fit perfectly. In the photos above you can see that the laundered jumpsuit is shorter in the hem, the waist seam is slightly higher, and the shoulder points sit closer in and more at my natural shoulder point. This was great for me, a 5'2" lady, but what about the rest of our Kordal community?

Each season we're learning how to improve our production processes to ensure we're supplying the best quality and fit. Ideally the fabric for this style would have been pre-shrunk during our dye process, and unfortunately we later realized that wasn't the case. As a team of two it's impossible to catch everything, although we try our absolute best!

So here are a few tips on how to avoid any shrinkage issues during wash if you're a taller gal, and a few ideas for how to carefully shrink your jumpsuit if you're excited about a shorter length without a trip to the tailor (like me!). 


Avoiding Shrinkage

Hand or machine wash your jumpsuit with cold water on a gentle cycle. Lay flat or hang dry. Easy peasy! 

Intentional Shrinkage

Hand or machine wash your jumpsuit with cold water on a gentle cycle. Dry using the lowest spin speed and medium to low heat. The result will be a jumpsuit that's 2" shorter in the length (proportionally) and approximately 1" more narrow in the waist and hip. Going forward we recommend only air drying to keep your jumpsuit looking fresh! 

A NOTE ON DRYING: Ever wonder exactly why it's important to air dry? First of all it can help reduce your energy usage, but most importantly it can drastically increase the lifetime of your garments. The best visual for me was comparing the fiber in your clothing to your the fiber on your head, your hair! It's essentially the same thing! Now consider how frizzy and dried out your hair becomes if you blow it dry at high heat every single time you wash it. Keep both your hair and your clothes looking fresh - avoid the heat when possible!

As a final note, it's important to know that the Joanna Jumpsuits are photographed unwashed (read: not shrunken) on our website, so be sure to compare your measurements to our models' on the product pages, and as always feel free to email us with any specific questions on fit!

What are your thoughts on how Kordal fits you? We are constantly learning and growing from feedback from our amazing customers like you, so let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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1 Response

candice bigelow
candice bigelow

November 28, 2019

thanks for the shrinkage stats.
loved the alex clove pants . went back for another pair in mediums but alas and alack you were sold out…….;-(
went after market to ebay found a large. took the plunge washed in gentle cold – always and dried on med (i rarely dry any of my clothing in the dryer…..)- presto chango fits gloriously :-) at 5’ that is no empty comment.
between you and elizabeth suzann i just get dressed for the every day no more wondering…….
kindest regards
candice bigelow

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