Make it Last

At Kordal, we are committed to a less is more mentality and extending the lifetime of our pieces.

We believe that a few great quality pieces are better than many that won't last the test of time. We hope that our customers thoughtfully consider each of their purchases, including their Kordal ones. Then, with the proper storage and care, we hope our garments have a long life. 


Caring for Your Kordal Pieces

Keeping your Kordal looking and feeling great requires the proper care. Mindful washing, storage and mending not only makes the pieces last longer, it also protects the environment by conserving resources like water and energy. For specialized knitwear care instructions, check out our <journal entry>!

  • Clean selectively. Only wash your garments when necessary. If you notice a small stain, often times you can spot clean with a bit of warm water and soap. This will conserve water and energy + avoid fiber degradation
  • Use cold water. Opting for cooler temperatures preserves energy and is gentler on the fibers
  • Air dry. Staying away from the dryer saves electricity and protects your garment from the harsh heat

Extend the Life 

  • Repair. Often times you can repair minor damages like a loose button or snag at home
  • Get it tailored. Sometimes the fit just doesn’t quite work and it’s too much to do on your own -- no worries! Find a local tailor to adjust your garment as desired
  • Renew. Make the old into something fresh! Shorten, re-sew, over-dye -- the options are endless :)

Time to Let Go?

When you are ready to let your Kordal pieces, we have a few suggestions to help repurpose your piece and minimize waste.

  • Swap with a friend.
  • Resell on an online shop or consignment store.
  • Donate or recycle. Kordal partners with Fabscrap, a NYC based company that’s tackling the textile waste problem by repurposing discarded textiles.
  • Return it back to Kordal and we can help find a new home :)


Purchase less, experience life and loved ones more, mend when torn, and return back to us when it’s no longer wearable.

X Kordal