At Kordal, all our materials are chosen with care. We utilize natural fibers, meaning they are plant or animal-based instead of synthetic, and stay away from harsh chemicals and toxins. We also seek out textiles that are certified under leading standards with social and environmental criteria, such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). By emphasizing natural and ethical, we are standing behind renewable resources, which do not contribute to environmental degradation or human harm.



A naturally soft and durable fiber sourced from the mammal of the same name, alpaca is a cozy favorite. We work with ethical alpaca yarn suppliers and factories in Peru to create top quality knitwear pieces. You can learn more about why we alpaca in our journal.

INCA TOPS is our alpaca supplier. Since its founding in Peru 1965, INCA TOPS has developed, with great success, the production of top quality alpaca tops and yarns. This has been achieved through fusing innovative concepts with the ancient and noble tradition of knitting in Peru.

INCA TOPS take great pride in supporting their local community. They provide local jobs, directly benefiting more than one thousand families. They further help the region through their  Social Responsibility Programs, which assist small knitting companies, entrepreneurs, and rural families who make a living from alpaca farming. INCA TOPS is one of the founding companies of Patrulla Ecológica (Eco Patrol) a nonprofit organization dedicated to protect the environment in Arequipa city. In addition, they are certified by Pacomarca, the sustainable alpaca network.


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Wool is a textile fiber that comes from the sheep. A multifunctional fiber, wool is known for its insulation and durability. A primary source of our wool comes from a family owned company located in Oregon, Imperial Stock Ranch creates the wool fiber without the use of harsh chemicals, leaving it soft and pure. With custom colors in solids and heathers, Imperial Yarn offers knitters, weavers and other fiber artists a naturally beautiful array of hues, textures and weights.

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Linen comes from the flax plant. We love this natural fiber because it's strong, absorbent and dries faster than most other textiles. It will quickly bio-degrade back into the earth quickly (approx. 2 weeks) if composted properly. We work with family run factories right here in NYC to make our linen pieces, like our best seller the Alma Trouser.

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Recycled Cotton:

Cotton fiber originates from the cotton plant. Its breathability and softness has made it the world’s most popular natural fiber. In 2017, we began a partnership with The New Denim Project, a family run factory based in Guatemala that manufactures cotton yarn and fabric made from upcycled denim and cotton fiber. You can learn more about The New Denim Project and their 100% closed loop manufacturing process on the journal.


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Organic Cotton:

Another partner, Panoco Trading, is a supplier based in Tokyo producing all organic cotton. It is bioRe certified, which is a complementary standard to Global Organic Textile Standard. In addition to the use of GOTS-certified fibers, this certification includes social and environmental standards to ensure the well-being of the people producing them.

Our local cotton partnership is with Zentex, which was founded over 75 years ago in New York with the mission of maintaining the highest quality fabric standards. It is taking the first step towards a more sustainable future by introducing a whole Organic Cotton and Eco-Friendly fabric division to their company.

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Reusable Mesh Bags:

Instead of plastic, we store and sell our garments in reusable mesh bags. These bags serve as an excellent way to store your beloved piece or can be repurposed (i.e. produce bags at the grocery store, laundering delicates or shell collecting.)

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