Local Sourcing & Production

Our yarns and fabrics are sourced from top quality mills in Guatemala, Peru, and Japan. Our mission is to keep the materials and corresponding production as local as possible. By removing unnecessary shipping in the manufacturing process, we are reducing our carbon footprint, working to provide jobs in the local communities, and building long term relationships with suppliers and artisans.


Our Knitwear Production Partnerships

Our knitwear is created using both handloom flatbed machines and Shima Seiki whole-garment knitting machines. Both processes create a fully fashioned product, meaning each piece is knit to the exact shape and there is no left over material waste. By creating a high quality garment with impeccable craftsmanship, our hope is that you will keep your Kordal pieces for many years and when it reaches its end of life it can be recycled back into the earth. To increase the lifespan of our knitwear, we offer mending services for all of your Kordal knitwear purchases.

Innovative Knitwear

Innovative Knitwear, founded in 2009 by Eunice Moran, is a fair trade knitwear development and production company based in Lima, Peru. They combine the traditional creativity and technique of Peruvian artisanship with innovative designs. The result is the finest knitted garments in natural fibers like Baby Alpaca, Alpaca, Cotton, and wool.


Revolution Knitwear

Revolution Knitwear, founded in 2018 by Carolina Grau, is a fair trade knitwear development and production company based in Lima, Peru. Their main focus is working with local mills to source dead-stock yarn and low impact natural fibers. They produce garments and accessories using zero-waste methods, working with local artisans and weavers to create consciously made textiles.

Lucci Yarn

Our first sweater samples wouldn’t have come to life if not for Ellen Ygwo of Lucci Yarn. She introduced us to a cottage industry of knitters working on handloom knitting machines in her Queens, NY neighborhood. All of our sweaters made using locally sourced or deadstock yarn are produced on the handloom machines under Ellen’s careful eye.




Our Woven Production Partnerships


A family owned factory based in New York City’s garment district. They have been operating for over a decade, providing jobs for NYC’s historic garment industry.

LA Workshop

Our newest partner, LA Workshop was established in 2017, they are a Fair Trade Certified manufacturer based in Guatemala City. In addition to working towards a zero emissions goal, they’re mission is to “build a bridge between the ideas of designers and production. Create a socially conscious place, where you can feel the construction of your designs are aligned with your ideals.” - Factory Owner Sergio Kozina


 Sew Valley

Located in Cincinnati OH, Sew Valley is a place very close to our hearts, established in 2017 by a fellow designer and friend Rosie Kovacs, it provides the growing fashion community with resources and technology to build scalable, sustainable and responsible brands. Sew Valley has officially moved into their permanent home in Cincinnati's West End neighborhood. Find us on the first floor of the National Flag Company's building, where they have been sewing and manufacturing flags for almost 150 years!

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