Our Mission


Core Values

* Quality and Craftsmanship

* Loyalty and Sincerity

* Thoughtfulness and Authenticity

Kordal Studio is a womenswear collection that fuses innovative forms and textures with functionality. We believe in creating quality, responsibly made garments that inspire creativity and authenticity. All of our pieces are designed and produced in an ethical manner by paying our workers a fair wage, designing garments that are not trend focused, and using natural, organic, and recycled textiles.

Being a part of the textile and fashion industry, one of the most polluting industries on the planet, we recognize our responsibility to society and to the earth. In the wise words of Naomi Klein “If we could all come to see our consumer products as tools that help us to live our real lives - rather than as substitutes and surrogates for that life - we would need fewer products to be happy. And we would keep the ones we already have for longer.”

Our hope is that you will carefully consider every purchase, including your Kordal purchases, just as we have considered every part of our design and production process. Purchase less, experience life and loved ones more, mend when torn, and return back to us when it’s no longer wearable.

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